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I'm Monica.


I've worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years. I'm one of those rare advertisers who bridges strategy and creative, specialising in spotting opportunity nuggets and bringing them to life.


I spent a fantastic 10 years in Higher Education, managing teams, developing and delivering account-based strategy, leading on events and copy writing materials. 

After that, I headed marketing at tech startups SciBite and Unibuddy. I led their full rebrands, developing their positioning, TOV, visual identity and writing their collateral, as well as building their marketing strategy.

Keen to evolve my creative side, I've just completed an MA in Advertising at the University of the Arts, London, where I've won final round pitches for briefs from The Telegraph and A Million Ads x CLIC Sargent.


There are lots of technical and soft skills I have, but these are the ones I feel drive my success:

  • I'm nosy - which means I want to know why things are the way they are, why people do stuff, what they love, what makes them them. Which is pretty handy when it comes to getting that information out of them.

  • That nosiness is also why I love researching.

  • Because I'm genuinely interested, I put people at ease. I'm warm and I help others - great when leading a team, and also to have in a team.

  • I'm tenacious and resilient. I've literally come back from the brink of life. Not overnight, of course - I'm not a rubber ball. But that process gives me huge amounts of empathy, perspective, and helps me stay calm under pressure.


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